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carl rimi

Since he can remember, Carl Rimi has been entertaining and controlling an audience.  Whether he’s on stage, in front of a random group of people, on the big screen, behind the scenes or even while growing up, Carl has always had the inane ability to crack people up without even trying. Simply put, he is naturally hilarious.

Rimi has performed at comedy clubs all over the U.S. including the world famous Improv and on several major cruise lines for over 20 years. He has appeared live at many comedy festivals and has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of great comics. Carl’s ability to deliver intellectual humor and physical comedy in a fast-paced style, his boundless energy and his ability to read an audience are some of his greatest strengths and have made him one of the most sought after comics on the circuit today.

Carl’s TV credits include Comedy Central’s Laugh Riots, NBC, CBS, ABC Family and more. Carl can also be seen in several feature films. Love and Hostages is out now on Amazon Prime and many other platforms. This was his first supporting role in a feature film. Adopted movie which is slated to come out in 2019 is Carl's first lead role in a feature film. It's a horror/thriller and shows off his range as an actor.

Carl is also currently in the process of getting 2 scripts that he wrote turned into feature films. "Ghost Killers" and "Gated."

​​Whether Carl Rimi is on the stage or the big screen, he is an unbelievable phenomenon to watch. 

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